Best UV Protective Hats for Children

In Australia, we love the sun but we’re also wary of its damaging effects. Children are especially at risk because of their thin, delicate skin. And it’s not just when they’re young. Accumulated exposure to UV rays as a child can lead to skin cancer later on in life. The importance of having proper UV protective gear is imperative. Make sure you look for fabric that offers the highest protection under the sun. That means a UPF of 50+.

These are our favourite hats for children, and we have found our favourite shop that sell them.

  1. The bucket hat

Originally used by fishermen in the 1900s, the bucket hat has made a fashion comeback, gracing the heads of hip-hop artists in the eighties and Louis Vuitton models in the noughties.

If you’re looking for a toddler bucket hat with a chin strap, check out Radicool bucket hats made of lightweight microfibre. This unique material will keep your child cool on the hottest of days while the patented UPF50+ fabric offers the ultimate in sun protection.

Radicool bucket hats can be used for just about any occasion. Whether you’re off to a birthday party or to the beach, a Radicool bucket hat will ensure your child exudes the appropriate amount of style. Take your pick – urban cool, surfer chill or country girl – Radicool’s interesting range of designs can suit the pickiest of personalities.

If you want even more choice, why not try a reversible hat? You can switch between plain lilac or floral lilac; plain blue or graffiti blue. And guess what, mum, they’re all machine washable too!

  1. The legionnaires hat

Does your toddler or child prefer to wear a cap? A legionnaires hat may be the answer. Legionnaires hats are great for sporty kids who like the look and feel of a cap because they are basically caps, but with a flap around the sides.

This clever design doesn’t just keep your child cool but also protects little necks from sunburn. Inspired by the French Foreign Legions, the style has proven so practical and effective, it is now one of the two hat options offered in Australian primary schools.

Why choose a legionnaires hat? For one, it’s sleek and sporty. Secondly, it protects your neck and face better than a regular cap. Radicool legionnaires hats also have larger and longer flaps than regular hats so you can enjoy that extra bit of sun protection.

The toggle cord feature on the hat allows you to adjust the circumference of the hat. Radicool legionnaires hats fit snugly and stay on, making it tiggy-proof and perfect for running around. Best of all, the bright fun colours allow you to spot your child a mile away.

  1. The swim hat

If your child is planning to spend a lot of time in the water, a swim hat is a must-have.

Radicool lycra legionnaires hats are made from an exclusive SPF/UPF 100+ nylon lycra, which means the fabric blocks out 99.99% of UV radiation.

It is designed with a plastic peak so your child can keep wearing it whether they’re in or out of the water. The nylon lycra fabric is similar to swimsuit material so you don’t have to worry about splashes or getting wet. Don’t forget to pair your child’s swim hat with a suitable UV protective rashie.

  1. The hiker’s hat

Many kids don’t like hats especially if they’re doing physical activity such as hiking or camping. That’s why we made out outdoor broad-brim hats extra lightweight with an SPF/UPF 50+ microfibre fabric.

It is so light your child might even forget it’s on. The beauty of the Radicool broad brim hat is all in the details. The lightweight fabric is unique for a child’s hat, as is the moisture-wicking sweatband and breathable side panels. While the chin strap makes sure the hat stays on as you tackle jungles, cliffs, waterfalls, or whatever life throws your way.

Radicool Australia’s mission is to educate families around the world about sun safety and provide the highest level of sun protective gear around. Check out our full range of sun protection clothing including women’s hats, rashies and shorts.

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