COVID restriction is eased in Melbourne – what now?

Can you believe it? Melbourne is in lockdown for more than 6 months and now we are slowly crawling back to normalcy. Retailers were closed and most were offering delivery services, not forgetting that AusPost express delivery window was 2 weeks! No eating out! Picnics galore! Here are my thoughts on what may stay post-COVID.



It’s uncomfortable, especially so in wet spring weather – humidity and masks don’t go well. I know this is a very unpopular opinion (especially for Mos with his big massive beard) but I do find it quite… fashionable. You get all sorts of designs and fabrics that suit your fancy. Say goodbye to the boring blue/white sterile masks and welcome designer masks! Let’s not forget that you can get kid-sized masks too!

I suffer terribly from hay fever every year in spring and this year I am glad to say that I am hay-fever free! Some may argue that it’s because i’m indoors all the time but my apple watch is saying otherwise. I am constantly walking outdoors, at least 5km a day, in the park, along the trails where wonderful, sneeze-galore pollens are in the air. But I don’t get any allergy reaction to them this year and I am certain that it’s all thanks to the face mask that I wore all thanks to the restrictions.

I am liking this mask trend, and I think it will stay. The japanese and koreans truly know how to care for themselves – when I travelled — pre-covid that is – to seoul and myong deong in winter last year, I was astonished by the number of people in facemasks! I was a little amused and little did I know that I would join the crowd. I get it now.



Grocery Delivery

One word: convenience. Why bother queuing up when you can get your favourite asian snacks straight from your… phone? Tap , tap , credit card details and voila, on your doorstep. I find this Melbourne asian grocery quite convenient and easy to navigate when I want to stock up on my midnight instant noodle fix. Let’s not forget about all our big supermarket chains – woolsworth and coles, they do click and collect, and if you are pressed for time, just pay a minimum amount for delivery.

I do fancy this trend and I do get good deals sometimes – especially on the mind-numbing infinity scroll down my phone, I do get lots of bargain groceries and necessities for my home. Now that this is normalised, I find that parkings and queues are.. overrated. Why bother? Stay in, wear your pyjamas all day long and enjoy your hermit life. How lovely.



Food Delivery

Menulog and ubereats do it well but all thanks to covid most f&b retails start offering food delivery to all suburbs (well, perhaps some). Can you imagine that I’ve had the best sushi Melbourne has to offer right in my home??

Shoya melbourne had a free delivery promotion and never would I ever imagine going over to Richmond on a weekday for sushi and now I get to enjoy this in the comfort of my own couch, in my pyjamas (I mentioned this twice, didn’t I).












People are truly creative and respectful of the situation that we are in. When Melbourne has stepped down from restriction stage 4 to restriction stage 3, picnic mats were out and everyone enjoyed the sun while social distancing.

It brings us back to the simplicity and truly enjoy the little things. This is something that the pandemic can’t take from us – simple delights and the appreciation that we have a life that is worth living, even something as simple as sunshine is enough to keep us happy.


Now this is something that stays and will stay on with us post-covid.

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