Write For Us

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.

William H. Gass

Anyone with a penchant for writing is welcomed here and all who submit articles to us are considered as authors and writers. We accept everyone, young or old, new or experienced as we like to see news and stories presented from all perspectives. As long as you write while keeping the readers in mind, you are definitely on the right direction.

Here are the finer details:
Your article must be at least 1000 words and images are optional. Should you include your own images, make sure that they are free for commercial use (plenty of sources out there such as pexels.com or unsplash.com).

All articles must be accompanied by a brief introduction of approximately 150 words, as eye-catching as possible to entice the readers to read on rather than clicking on the close or next button.

If you wish to include your sources or referring websites, do include them in your article sparingly so that readers can truly enjoy your penmanship without being suffocated by blue hyperlinks which may be distracting to readers.

Last but not least, do include a short description of yourself, preferably with a photo. What are your interests? What do you do for a living? We like to know you better! Do include your email address and website (if you have any), who knows, a potential reader may find a liking to your content and contact you directly.

What are you waiting for? Send us a draft at mosandbows2020@gmail.com, *.doc or *.docx is greatly appreciated! We will do a peer review, edit it and publish your content on our website!